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Waco Kwikform has an in-house engineering and design team and a national network of designers, estimators and drafters.

Our Design & Estimating teams perform a vast variety of design solutions at the forefront of pre-project review, consulting with our engineering team to design the safest and most cost-effective design solutions in accordance with local standards and requirements. These project specific design solutions at the forefront, allows our estimating team to provide accurate and detailed costings to each scope items across all projects, no matter how large or complex.

We pride ourselves on nationalized drawing standards, producing consistent quality and efficiency using our 2D CAD software programs, 3D rendered CAD, and 3D REVIT software programs.

As an ever evolving, forward thinking division, our Design & Estimating team work direct with client’s external software programs such as Point Cloud, Navisworks, Revit, and the like, to design their access solutions from across Australasia.

Our involvement with organisations such as, Standards Australia and the various state regulatory authorities, help in reviewing and shaping the standards by which the industry operates both today and into the future.

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